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Chemical Peels
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Chemical Peels

A chemical face peel is a cosmetic treatment that removes a layer of damaged skin from the face to reveal a newer, healthier layer. The chemical peel solution applied causes trauma to the epidermis of the skin, which causes the outer layers to peel away. When the skin begins to heal, increased cell growth produces new, healthier skin layers that give the face a more youthful appearance*. Our chemical peels also use naturally occurring acids and active ingredients to brighten the skin.

Chemical face peels can be a simple, fast and highly effective way to achieve radiant skin. They can also be used to dramatically lessen the appearance of breakouts or marks on the skin from previous breakouts.

The most suitable peel for your skin will be determined at consultation.

Red Carpet Peel - £100
Red Carpet Peel - Package of 3 - £250

Easy To Find Us​

114 Camden Road

Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2QX

Beech Street Car Park and Camden Road Car Park are 1 minute walk away from the clinic, and you can use the RingGo app to pay.

Treatment Appointments

Treatments are by appointment only and can be booked from Monday to Sunday at your convenience through our booking system.

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